Monday, April 30, 2012

Tanning is Proof of Deep Skin Damage (So They Say)

I could probably post a million articles about standards of beauty and the mis-representation of brown people but instead I'll leave you with this: "Tanning is Proof of DEEP Skin Damage" ad I saw yesterday on the Delhi Metro in India. While we know that UV rays are indeed damaging, something about this picture tells me that this "lightenening and fair even-ning cream" has nothing to do with beach bathers.

I'm not singling India out for it's preference for fair skin, I live in Mexico and the same holds true. At least in India advertisements feature brown people while in Mexico there are more ads featuring blue-eyed, blond hair people than anything else.  We continue to make firestorms about every perceived "rascist" ad that hits the blogosphere but the fact still remains that health and beauty companies make billions of dollars in profit by reminding us that "white (or the closest you can get to it) is right).

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