Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Supporting The Next Sasyrae Sandiego - Atlantic Impact's Blogger Challenge

I just found out that I've been selected to compete for the opportunity to travel to Barbados in August with a group of kids that are growing up just like I did. Atlantic Impact increases opportunity in persistently low-achieving schools by using history, community engagement, and international travel. 

I am so excited about being able to be a tangible example for a child who may be experiencing the things I did when I was growing up and may be having a hard time seeing a future of limitless possibility. Travel has been such a door-opener for me and really has changed my life. I reflect on each and every experience and understand that I not only learn things about other cultures and places, but I tend to learn a lot about myself! I hope that the readers of this blog that enjoy my photos and anecdotes would support me on this journey to be a tangible example to someone who may be wondering if they will ever "get out".  You can donate and share this page from now through June 9th, thank you in advance for whatever bits you can chip in. I'll share lots of photos and stories from Barbados if I raise the most money and get to go on the trip!