Saturday, September 24, 2011

Normal is RELATIVE!

"Normal is RELATIVE". This phrase sums up my frame of reference in life and is meant to be the overall theme of this blog. The sub-title gives you an idea of the topics I'll cover - if it sounds interesting to along. Development for me is both my career choice (int’l that is) and the phase of life I’m in, relationships - are important to everything I do, professional ones pay the bills, friendships keep me sane, and my pursuit of a life partner keeps me laughing. Ultimately this blog is about re-defining what normal means for me, in hopes that it’ll do the same for you.

Through my travels, my insanely awesome friends, my son (who I’m separated from at the moment - more on that in another post), and my work - you’ll get a glimpse of how life is pretty much what you make it, the only rules that matter are your own, and that normal is ultimately about what makes you comfortable and happy. Hopefully this blog will inspire people to stretch themselves to their core desires. If not, at least it’ll give me a place to verbalize the insanity of my brain! Happy reading:)

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